Logic level converter “a la mano” !

Like i said in a previous post (this one), i need a way to convert power from 5.5V to 3.3V in order to connect the Arduino to the 23K256 SPI Ram chip.

Because i don’t know nearly anything in electric engineering , i decided to use a pre existing solution: the 4-Channel Bi-directional Logic Level Converter .

One great things with all the product gravitating around Arduino is that most of them are Open Sourced, this mean that the schematic of the Logic Level Converter is freely available for anybody: here !

But basically here is the electronic setup for a one way bi directional logic level converter:



What i can see is that the setup is not very complex, just two 10k resistors and one BSS138 Mosfet transistor.

I do not know why and how it works, but the things is that it WORKS and that is enough for me 🙂