MIDI Looper ?

I’m making music since quiet some time now using loopers. I’m using a Boss RC300 to loop audio data coming from various devices, but i noticed that there actually no good hardware solution for making MIDI loop…

That’s what this project is about:

Creating a small Hardware device that can record MIDI data coming from an external MIDI controller and send send those MIDI data back to a sound generator in loop.

Intended audience:

Everybody off course !!

More reasonably, most posts in this blog are mainly addressed to C/C++ developers, technician and engineers who want to follow the development of a small Arduino project using only the GNU AVR toolchain (without arduino IDE…or anything)

My objectives are to describe and give solutions to the problems i faced during the conception and development of this project !

I cannot guarantee that, but i hope this project and blog will go from A to …. Z 🙂

Who am i ?

My name is Clément Vidal, i’m 30 years old, and i’m coding in C++ since nearly 10 years at my works, and for several other personal projects.

This is my first attempts to create an hardware solution !

  • You can contact me at:


  • All the source code developed for this project are available on GitHub under GNU licence:

https://github.com/ClementVidal/ArduinoMIDILooper (Repo for the project itself)

https://github.com/ClementVidal/ArduinoLib (Repo for the Arduino “stripped” library)

Feel free to use it !




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